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We are currently seeking sponsors and partners to help fund scholarships for students and young professionals. If your company or organization is interested, please:

Thank you!

A big thank you to our sponsors! Thanks to your support, we are able to send students and young professionals to the European Forum Alpbach, to address the most relevant questions of our times!

Österreichische Notariatskammer

We are honoured by the continued support that the Österreichische Notariatskammer (ÖNK) has shown to the Club over the past years. Thanks to this long lasting partnership, we are now able to keep sending young people to Europe’s biggest festival of ideas every year! For EFA20, two successful candidates will be benefiting from a ÖNK scholarship.

Raiffeisen Bank International

After a very successful event with the Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) on the topic of the “Banking Union” figuring Mr Paul Pasquali in November 2018, the Club Alpbach Belgium Brussels is very glad to extend its partnership with RBI by introducing the company as new sponsor! For EFA20, one member will benefit from the full scholarship offered by RBI.


Become sponsor or cooperation partner of the Club Alpbach Belgium Brussels.

The costs for a scholarship in 2023 are as follows:

Participation fee EFA* 950€

Accommodation 490€ 

Transport costs (Belgium-Alpbach)

Daily allowance 221€ 

Total 1,911€*

*The European Forum Alpbach supports each CAB scholarship with 50% of the regular participation fee of €1,700.

A Word from our Honorary President Christian Macek

Founder of Alpbach Team Europe

It is a great pleasure to see the continuation of Club Alpbach Brussels which I co-founded as “IG Brussels/Alpbach Team Europe” in the year 2000. Even more after we have sent already more than 100 grantholders from 25 different countries to the European Forum Alpbach over the last years. I’m looking forward to the refreshed spirit of Alpbach in the European Capital where Belgians and people from all Europe meet. This is definitely to be supported!”