Thank you for all applications!

Every year Club Alpbach Belgium Brussels awards scholarships to young people to participate in the European Forum Alpbach (EFA).

Thanks to our partners we can send two scholarship holders to EFA23 from August 19th until September 2nd!

The European Forum Alpbach

The European Forum Alpbach is an annual conference in the Austrian Alps that has been attracting world leading thinkers and practitioners since 1945.

Every year, about 4,000 participants from over 60 countries meet to discuss emerging trends in eight broad fields: European and international politics, technology, economics, law, financial markets, public health, higher education, as well as architecture and urban planning. Each of these fields has a dedicated “symposium” in the conference schedule.

This year the theme will be BOLD EUROPE’. The detailed conference programme is published on the official website of the forum: There is no requirement to speak German to attend the Forum. Almost all of the Forum’s events are conducted in English.

What are we offering to you?

The European Forum Alpbach 2023 offers scholarships that cover costs for travel, the conference fee and accommodation at the center of Alpbach 

All successful applicants will be invited to a scholarship award ceremony on the 31st  of March 2023.

Selection Criteria

How to apply?


+ Do I have to write the application in English?

Yes. However, we will not judge your application based on the level of your language, however be aware that the seminars and conference events will mainly be in English. 

+ Do I have to come from Belgium/Brussels? 

No. We don't care about passports or documentation papers, as long as you are currently a resident of Belgium/Brussels. We (the CAB board) are from different parts of Europe/the World and are currently working or studying in Belgium. 

+ I have also applied to another club. Can I still apply for a scholarship from Club Alpbach Belgium Brussels?

Yes! Multiple applications are possible and do not lead to any disadvantages in the evaluation of your application. 

+ What is a "CV of failure"? 

A CV of Failure is a document that lists your professional or academic failures, such as job rejections or unsuccessful grant applications. It's meant to showcase that failure is a normal part of the learning process and can lead to growth and success in the future. We encourage you to send this in, however it will not decrease your chances if you send in a 'normal CV'. 

+ What do you value in evaluating the application?

The most important thing is that you think about how you can contribute to a BOLD EUROPE. Every experience is valid.

+ How is it decided which application is successful?

The decision is made for each individual applicant through a multi-stage selection process by the selection committee of Club Alpbach Belgium Brussels. The application deadline runs until April 30 of the same year.

+ How is impartiality ensured?

To enable impartiality, each member of the selection committee commits to declaring any possible acquaintances or relatives with applicants before the start of the selection process. The affected person does not vote in this specific application.

+ What is included in a scholarship?

A scholarship package includes participation fees for the entire forum, which includes both the seminar week and the events/conference that follow. In addition, accommodation in Alpbach during the entire period of the EFA is included.

+ Can I apply again?

You are welcome to apply for a scholarship with us again, even if you have been rejected in one of the past years. As the number of applications varies from year to year and the resume develops, we evaluate the application anew every year.